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Basic Decal

For small to medium size decals or graphics:

After receiving your decal in the mail, inspect it from defects. Minimal folding of the edges are fine due to shipping.  If your order is more than $15 it will come with a free Az Auto Graphics squeegee.

Lay the decal flat on a table and with medium pressure carefully squeegee the decal, starting from the center working your way out or start from one side and work your way to the other. If there is more than 1/2" of transfer tape feel free to carefully trim the excess for easier handling.

1) Tools needed: Cleaner, isopropyl alcohol works best, razor blade or scissors, squeegee, tape measure, masking tape and a friend to help if the decal is long.

2) Clean entire surface thoroughly make sure it's free from dirt, oil and wax. Hold the decal in place and start measuring to center and to even the decal out, use the masking tape to hold in place. When your satisfied with the position place a long vertical or horizontal masking tape on the center of the decal. Make sure this is attached good, you can double up to be sure.

3) Remove the the small tape holding the decal on, Not the long vertical or horizontal on the center. Slowly peal the transfer tape from the wax paper, when you get to the center tape stop and just fold it over creating a hinge. Be care full not to stick the transfer tape to anything. Cut the wax paper backing.

4) Hold the clear transfer paper up and from the center place the squeegee on the center hinge and squeegee out while holding the clear transfer tape up away from the surface until the squeegee passes on it. ( Try hard to keep the squeegee on the transfer tape while applying the decal to prevent scratches on painted surfaces. ) Work the squeegee up and down over lapping 1 to 2 inches each pass till you get to the edge.

5) Keep working the squeegee out from the center out till you have squeegee all of the decal on.

6) Remove the center masking tape and other tape holding the decal in place.

7) Peal the transfer tape from the wax paper, While holding the tarsier tape up place the squeegee on the center and squeegee your way out to the side.

8) Keep working the squeegee out from the center till you have squeegee all of the decal on.

9) After you squeegee all of the surface of the decal slowly peal the clear transfer tape off. Slowly as you lift up look if the decal is lifting or staying on the surface. If their are bubbles just try to work them out with you fingers or poke it with a needle and press and work the air out.