How long does the process take?
The part of the process that we like spending the majority of the time is the development of the concept that will go on the vehicle. The length of this depends directly on how much direction you already have for the graphics. After the graphic stage is finalized and we enter production it takes between 3 to 5 days to have the wrap fully installed on a midsize vehicle.

Can the wrap be removed later?
Absolutely. The wrap is actually stacked to the vehicle using heat and pressure-sensitive adhesives that can be reactivated by our installers. The removal process is very short.

How long will the wrap stay on my vehicle?
Normally, a wrap can stay between 4 to 6 years on the vehicle depending on the treatment that is given to it.

Can I pressure wash my vehicle after the vinyl is installed?
We highly recommend NOT to pressure wash the vehicle after installation of the vinyl. Some pressure washers can potentially lift up the vinyl because of improper use of the water pressure. The wrap is an investment to your marketing and advertising strategy and thus it should be protected.

Do I have to wash my vehicle before installation?
Yes. All vehicles have to be free of dust, mud, pollen, and other agents that may slow down the installation process.

How long do you need my vehicle for installation?
Installation normally takes between one and two days depending on how much coverage has to be applied.

Can you come up with the graphics?
Absolutely!  Our customers communicate to us what they want in the wrap. Then they supply us with their logos, photos, and other supporting images, and we then create the graphics in a format that best fits the vehicle. Most commonly our clients have photos or images from their business that they want on the wrap and we can use them. There are other cases in which our clients have to purchase photos for their campaign.

Will it damage my paint?
No. If your vehicle still has its factory paint. The material used actually protects your paint-job from minor scratches

How much does it cost?
Every project has its own set of variables.  Pricing is directly linked with coverage and types of vinyl used.